These are the five steps for starting the optimization. Read them thoroughly if you feel any insecurities on how it works.

💎 Campaign KPI

The first thing you select is the Campaign KPI. We will analyze the campaign to guess what we think is your KPI. If this is incorrect, simply hit "Not correct? Change here" and select the intended KPI. 

This KPI will be used for evaluating and optimizing the campaign in a proper way. 

🎯 Goal

In this step, select if your goal is to have a high ROAS - or low CPA. The goal of "High ROAS" can only be used if you're sending order values to the Facebook pixel or SDK. "Low CPA" can be used for any campaign type, since CPA can be anything from 'cost per conversion' to 'cost per click' or 'cost per app install' and so on. 

Second, you have the option to input a goal. This is optional, and our recommendation is to use this when you aren't satisfied with the current results and thus want our optimizations to find a bidding sweet spot.

💰 Daily Campaign Budget

Input the total campaign budget - and we will allocate it between the ad sets in the campaign - in order to maximize performance.

For retargeting campaigns, we suggest setting "Allocation mode" to Explore

🔍 Attribution window

Not sure what this is? Don't worry, simply jump to the next step!

If you're working with attribution windows, simply select the attribution window you want our optimizations to use when evaluating the performance of your campaign. 

🖼️ Exclude Ads

We are optimizing all the ads in the campaign. If there's any ad you don't want to be active (and thus also optimized) - you have to exclude them in this step. 

You'll be able to exclude ads at any time (also during an active optimization).

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