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How to evaluate your campaigns with Campaign Manager
How to evaluate your campaigns with Campaign Manager

Get insights and evaluate performance with Campaign Manager.

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In this video, we cover how you evaluate your campaign performance by using our Campaign Manager feature. 

  1. Go to Campaign Manager, where you will see an overview of all your active campaigns.

  2.  In the top left hand corner, you will see how many active Facebook campaigns that you have and how many of these are optimized by Zalster algorithms. 

  3. In the top right hand corner, you can look at fundamental data which is visualized in a chart. Here you can select which metric to look at by clicking on one of the dots above the chart and select your preferred KPI:s.  

  4. Scroll down to the table with the active campaigns. Choose date intervall and attribution window and you can see the results of your campaigns. Scroll side ways to have a look at more metrics and results. 

  5. Click on a campaign to get more information. Here you will get simple breakdowns on metrics such as age and gender. You can also change which metrics to look at.

  6. Another nice feature that you find here is a changelog that allows you to see what has happened in the campaign. You can use this feature to look at what has happened on a specific day to see if there are any changes that might have effected the campaign results. 

  7. Here you can activate optimizations of budget, bids or ads or go straight to ads manager to change targeting or add more ads. 

  8. If there are active campaigns in your Campaign Manager you can see the settings in the Settings Overview which you find by clicking on a campaign. 

  9. All the campaigns are grouped by KPI:s.

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