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How to automate budget optimization for a campaign
How to automate budget optimization for a campaign

Optimize your campaign budgets to maximize performance.

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In this video we take the following steps: 

  1. Go to the Campaign Manager. 

  2.  Click on optimize budgets.

  3. Verify that the pre-selected KPI  is correct for your campaign. If not select the correct one from the drop-down menu. Otherwise go to the next step. 

  4. Choose the primary goal for your campaign, High ROAS or Low CPA. 

  5. Next step, select how you want to optimize your campaigns. Campaign Pool Budget or Campaign Budget. This video is guiding you on how to use the Campaign Budget Optimization. Specify your daily budget and select allocation mode. Optimal is recommended and will result in bigger budget variations. Explore allocates budgets more evenly between your Ad Sets. In this case we put 5000 SEK as a daily budget and we use the optimal allocation mode. 

  6. Select attribution window, for this we select 7 day view and 1 day click. 

  7. Lastly, you will have four options for Increasing or Decreasing your campaign budget. You can have it turned off, Automatically Increase Budget, Automatically Decrease Budget or Automatically Increase and Decrease Budget. In this case we will show you an example on how to use Automatically Increase and Decrease Budget. 

  8. In the fields to the right you select your preferences in what ROAS you would like to have for the algorithms to make automatically Increases or Decreases of budgets. 

  9. In this example we select to have an increase in budget if ROAS is higher than 400 % or a decrease if the ROAS is lower than 150% for three days in a row. So for this case it means that if the ROAS is higher than 400% or lower than 150% the budget ( which we put to 5000 SEK in daily budget in the previous steps) will be increased with 2000 SEK a day to 7000 SEK or decreased with 1000 SEK to 4000 SEK depending on the outcome of ROAS for these three days. These increases and decreases will not cease to exist after the first increase or decrease. It will automatically keep on raising or lowering the budget depending on the outcome of your ROAS. So for example if you keep getting ROAS higher than 400% the budget will keep being increased each day, and if your ROAS keeps being lower than 150% the budget will be decreased until it is down to zero.

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