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How to optimize budgets between campaigns (with Campaign Pool Budget)
How to optimize budgets between campaigns (with Campaign Pool Budget)

Optimize budgets between campaigns to maximize performance.

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In this video we will show you an example on how to optimize your budgets between campaigns by creating a Campaign Pool. 

  1. Start by clicking on one of your campaigns and click on Optimize Budgets. Here you will need to verify that the pre-selected KPI is correct, if not change to one that better suits your goals.

  2. You are given an option to optimize on High ROAS or Low CPA. In this case we want high ROAS. 

  3. Choose Campaign Pool Budget and click Create Campaign Pool. Here we see all the active campaigns grouped by goal. In this example we want to group all DPA campaigns, so we select all of them and name the campaign to DPA Pool. These eight campaigns will be in one pool and will have 10 000 SEK in daily budget. This will result in a daily allocation of 10 000 SEK between these eight campaigns depending on performance and predicted performance. 

  4. Select an attribution window that suits you best. 

  5. In the last step you have the possibility to increase or decrease budgets for your Campaign Pool. In this example we choose to automatically increase budget if ROAS is 500% for at least 4 days with 5000 SEK. This will keep to be increased by 5000 SEK every day as long as you have a ROAS above 500%. And remember, the numbers we show in this example is just to give you a better understanding on how this feature works. It is up to you to define your own goals and thresholds :) 

Just to break it down for you - read this 👇

The two images below visualize what the budget allocation would look like without and with the Campaign Pool Budget Optimization. In the first image the budget is distributed based on your gut feeling and in the second image you notice that the budget is distributed among the campaigns within the Campaign Pool depending on results.

To keep in mind when using the Campaign Pool Budget Optimization is that you should only create pools with campaigns that you consider have the same end goal. Meaning you can group Conversion campaigns with Traffic campaigns etc. as long as you have the same end goal for them in mind. The budget will be allocated between the campaigns based on how it performs towards the goals defined for the Pool. 

Let me give you an example: 

If we look at the second image above and imagine that we are creating a campaign pool with the three different campaigns as the image shows. Our first campaign has the Conversions objective, the second campaign has the Traffic objective and the third has a Video View objective, our common goal for these campaigns are Purchases - we will select this in the optimizations guide. The budget will be allocated between the campaigns depending on how they perform towards the goal that we have defined in our optimization. 

Good luck 👋

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