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How to get started with Zalster
How to get started with Zalster

A quick tutorial on how to use Zalster.

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In this video tutorial we'll guide you on how to quickly get started with Zalster: 

  1. Go to your Campaign Manager in Zalster.

  2. Under tools in the top menu click on Generate Report 

  3. Here you will get a visual report of performance presented in a really cool way. You can see data as demographics, geography, gender etc.

  4. Go back to the main window

  5. Click on Smart Rules. 

  6. You will get an overview where you can select a Campaign, and specify rules. In this video we already had an active rule which pauses ads when the purchase CPA is over 33. And we want this to be analysed over the last three days  including today and to be checked every hour. This rule pause any ads that over the last 3 days including today have a higher Purchase CPA over 33. 

  7. You can do this for ad sets as well. Here we have 6 ad sets and we will set a rule that if purchase CPA is higher than 50 for the last two days including today and to be checked at midnight. and if this is the case at midnight the ad set will be paused

  8. Go back to the main window. 

  9. Lets have a look at Auto Boost Post

  10. A great feature to use if you have organic content on Facebook that you automatically want to boost towards a specific audience with a specific budget. Simply set your rules and get started. 

  11. Go back to the main window.

  12. Let us dive in to the algorithms available for your campaigns. 

  13. Simply click on a campaign and you will see some breakdown data and you can also see what changes that has been made from day to day. 

  14. To the left you can click on Optimise Budgets. We highly recommend to do this for each campaign in your account. 

  15. First, verify your KPI. If it is not correct select the one that suits you best. 

  16. Select your goal; low CPA or high ROAS. In this case we'll select low CPA. 

  17. Next step, select Campaign Pool Budget or Campaign Budget. Campaign Pool Budget enables you to create a group ( two or more) of campaigns with similar goals - the pool budget in this case will be optimized between these campaign to maximize performance. You can group campaigns as you'd like as long as they have the same end goal. Create Campaign Pools after your liking and knowledge, just make sure you have the same end goal in mind for them. Instead of setting the budget to each campaign the budget will be allocated between our campaigns in the Campaign Pool. This will happen when you activate the optimization and every midnight. 

  18. Click next and select attribution window. 

  19. In the next and last step of this feature, you can automatically increase budget if performance is good. You can also decrease budget if you're not reaching your goals. You can also use booth of these options together to automize your campaign optimization and maximize opportunity. Just set the rules and get started with this amazing feature. Click next and launch your optimizations. 

  20. So to get started with Zalster quickly, we recommend you to use Smart Rules and  Activate Budget Optimizations. If you have campaigns with the same goal, make sure to create Campaign Pools and set Campaign Pool Budgets to maximize performance. 

If you have any further questions or want to book a meeting,  just reach out to us by clicking the intercom bubble in the right hand corner. 

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