Budget Optimization - FAQ

Why is a bad performing Ad Set getting higher daily budget than the other, better performing ones?

This is because the better performing Ad Sets have smaller audiences than the bad performing Ad Set. In order to being able to spend the total daily budget you’ve specified for the Campaign, budgets will be allocated accordingly to performance and audience size. There’s no use for a high performing Ad Set to have a bunch of budget it can’t spend.To put it in another way: Budgets are first allocated based on performance. Then, audience size. This means, the highest performing Ad Sets will always get maximum budgets - in order to achieve as high cost-efficiency as possible.

Will this disturb the pacing?

No. Since we're doing the changes to the daily budgets at the midnight (for the time zone specified for the ad account), there will be no interference with Facebook's pacing algorithms.

Can I change the daily budget at any time?

Yes. Just visit the Optimization page and hit "Change settings". A new allocation will be made within a moment.

I often get the notification "Too low budget" - how can I resolve this?

A rule of thumb: You have to afford 5x the conversion goal bid for each Ad Set.

For example: You're optimizing towards "Purchase" and your manual bid is $10. The minimum budget required to use budget allocation is therefore $10 x 5 x # of Ad Sets (in this case 2) = $100.

To resolve this, you could change your conversion goal towards something earlier in the funnel (such as "Add to Cart" instead of "Purchase").

If you're using autobid, change to manual bid.

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