Ad Optimization

The Ad Optimization Algorithm ensures that the potential of all Ads in your included Ad Sets get explored on the same premisses. Facebook tends to allocate most of the exposure to just one of a few of your ads, which can lead to both banner blindness and less statistical significance of your ad testing.

Enabling this feature can help you get much more out of your creative hypotheses.

A must-have for all Ad Sets - if you want to stay on top in ad performance!

What's the difference between Adaptive and Non-Adaptive rotation?

Non-adaptive will allocate exposure evenly between all ads in your included Ad Sets.

Adaptive will over time allocate more exposure to the ads that perform better.

How do I use this feature?

  • Go to Optimization.
  • Choose a Campaign you want to use Adaptive Creative Rotation on.
  • Click "Setup Ad Optimization"
  • Choose whether you want to enable Adaptive or Non-Adaptive rotation.
  • Choose which Ad Sets you want to include in the optimization.
  • Activate.

What can I expect from this feature?

All ads will be tested on the same premisses. If you've chosen the algorithm to be adaptive, it will automatically give more exposure to the ads generating the best results for the moment. This will decrease banner blindness, save you a lot of time and give your ads an honest chance to prove themselves.

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