Campaign Manager

What is the Campaign Manager?

Campaign Manager is a section of the app where you can do the following:

  • See an overview of active campaigns and their performance
  • Create an automated prospecting campaign (based on a product feed)
  • Create a dynamic creative campaign (optimized for link clicks)
  • Copy ads with reactions

Automated Prospecting is a simple and quick way of creating powerful prospecting Campaigns based on best practices, your Ad Account data and the latest technology in Facebook Ads.

How to create an Automated Prospecting Campaign for Website Purchases

What will happen next? Zalster will create a Campaign, consisting of one or more Ad Sets - along with Ads from either other Campaigns, or dynamically create Ads based on a Product Catalogue. We will also enable relevant optimization algorithms - in order to maximize results for you.

You can, at any time, edit this newly created Campaign in Ads Manager - if you want to change budgets, Ads, targeting or anything else.

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