Split Testing

How to use the Split Testing feature.

What is Split Testing?

Split Testing enables you do set up tests between various bids, conversion goals and billing events. This makes it possible to see what bids are the most efficient for getting the highest volumes and the lowest CPAs. Read more about some case studies on this feature in our journal.

How do I create a Split Test?

  • Go to Split Testing.
  • Click "Create New Split Test".
  • Choose a Campaign.
  • Pick an Ad Set.
  • Choose what you want to optimize (Conversion Event or Bid).
  • Write or choose the variations for the tests. Just hit "+" to add a new variation.
  • When you're done creating variations, hit "Next" and confirm the treatment percentage. Then hit "Next" again.
  • Select a start and end date for your split test. Start date isn't required.
  • Confirm a total daily budget for the test.
  • Choose what metric you want to evaluate under the test.
  • Hit "Create Split Test".

How is this different from the Split Testing functionality in Facebook?

  • At Zalster, you'll get confidence values for every variation in your tests.
  • At Zalster, you can let the algorithm automatically pick a winner when the confidence value is high enough.
  • At Zalster, you can create more than 3 variations of a test.
  • At Zalster, you can run a test shorter than 3 days.
  • At Zalster, you'll have a consolidated overview of all running and previously run split tests.
  • At Zalster, you have the possibility to at any time change any variable in the test. Anything from budget, bids and creatives to conversion event and billing events.
  • At Zalster, you'll be able to split test various conversion events with different ad creatives.

We also plan to launch "Automated Split Tests" soon. This means, you'll have the possibility to let us create a split test at any time. Our algorithms will screen your account for opportunities to split test various variables in order to achieve better results.

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